Users are People Dammit! image

Users are People Dammit! OMG, I almost didn’t notice, who are these people on these phones?? They are users, or at least they are pretending to be for their photographer. This photo represents seven people (users) who have no freaking clue how to use an interface, or maybe just the guy in the middle and the lady on the right. Everyone else seem pretty happy looking at photos or some random interface a programmer made. I’ve been creating graphical interfaces for 20 years. Most of the time what mattered most was getting the next interface out the door as fast as you possibly can. When that was the scenario, users al... Read Full Post

Opinions on Beacon Technology and Brand Engagement image

Opinions on Beacon Technology and Brand Engagement Beacons aren't working the way people think they would, or how they are sold to brands. Beacons advertising typically requires custom applications (like reward systems or loyalty programs) installed to connect to the beacon and notify the user, and m... Read Full Post

Reasons to Keep a Business Journal image

Reasons to Keep a Business Journal TL;DR: I'm a computer oriented person, but I've always keep a notebook handy for jotting down ideas or drawings. When I incorporated my first digital consulting business, I started using the notebook to take business notes as well. Now my journal is ... Read Full Post

Always Connected: Generation Z, the

Always Connected: Generation Z, the "Digitarians" After writing an article about Millennials (Gen Y), I couldn't help but get my thoughts down about the next generation. This article covers their age range, why they are different, and what we can start to expect from the new generation. In response ... Read Full Post

97 Years image

97 Years TL;DR: My Great Grandmother, Mildred (George) Brescia lived before cars were common and passed when everyone had a computer in their pocket. She raised a big family out of Seekonk Massachusetts and her life ended at 97 years old with 13 great grand c... Read Full Post

Funding a Startup with a Consulting Business image

Funding a Startup with a Consulting Business Legos were a big part of my childhood. They enabled me to create endless ideas without getting new toys. Software and business are my adult legos. I've always been an entrepreneur, in the early years I used my hobbies to satisfy the itch. Building ... Read Full Post