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  • The Emergence of Marketing Technology and its effect on Digital Agencies
    There is less need for traditional IT and implementation labor by digital agencies.

    Marketing technology is growing and improving rapidly. These new technologies are disrupting traditional marketing ... read more

  • Reasons to Keep a Business Journal
    Why keeping a Journal when running a business has been helpful, here are some tips and tricks for keeping your own.

    TL;DR: I'm a computer oriented person, but I've always keep a notebook handy for jotting down ideas or drawings. When I incorporat... read more

  • Transparency: what the millennial generation expects.
    The Millennial Generation (born between 1980-2000) are starting to make decisions that effect our economy, let's talk about it.

    This article covers how and why millennials differ from other generations when it comes sales/marketing and business management. I... read more

  • What is "The Cloud"? A brief explanation and history of cloud computing.
    Cloud is a term we hear everyday, so let's talk about what it is and why it rocks!

    The Cloud is simply a metaphor that represents:Any data or services not stored or processed locally on a personal computer or serv... read more

  • Funding a Startup with a Consulting Business
    TL;DR: An overview about my experience funding a SaaS project with income from a digital consultancy. The positives and negatives of self funding verse investors.

    Legos were a big part of my childhood. They enabled me to create endless ideas without getting new toys. Software and business ar... read more

  • Lean Brand Session 5: Discovery Towards Minimum Viable Brand
    One must let go of function and start letting the emotion come in to understand your brand

    Welcome to the fifth article of from the Lean Brand Methodology series. Read about the session prior here: Final Personas and Work... read more

  • Lean Brand Session 4: Final Personas and Working Hypothesis
    Jeremiah Gardner has the team act out each persona and prepares us to test our findings in the wild

    Say hello to the fourth article of from the Lean Brand Methodology series. Read about the session prior here: The E... read more

  • Lean Brand Session 3: The Emotional Side of Personas
    Jeremiah Gardner gets us to understand personas like never before

    You want to understand your market as real living, breathing, feeling people. Not as targets, demographics or data. Targets, demo... read more

  • Disruptive Thinkers: Product Launch and Go to Market Strategies
    Doug Hecht and Sarah Kotlova, from Digitaria, give a great presentation on product/brand marketing

    Doug Hecht and Sarah Kotlova, from Digitaria, spoke at a Disruptive Thinkers event. After a presentation the group of viewers... read more

  • The Lean Brand Session 2: Personas and Competition
    Jeremiah Gardner takes us into a fictional world of competition and personas

    You're reading the second article of from the Lean Brand Methodology series. Read about the session prior here: Branding... read more

  • The Lean Brand Session 1: Branding a product with the Lean Brand Methodology
    Jeremiah Gardner lets us into his approach on branding

    Jeremiah Gardner's company and Zesty both had tents at large public event. We each had speaking spots on our respective studi... read more

  • Public Speaking & Improvising
    How to overcome a situation where nothing goes according to plan when speaking at a large event

    A lot went wrong before we sat down on those orange stools and delivered our speech and product to the crowd. To start, the d... read more

  • Business and Design in 2010
    Start-ups, Business Transaction Economics, Products, Brands, and Spotting Losers

    5% of something is better than 100% of nothing. 2010 was a long, awesome, and crazy year. In the beginning of the year I had Josep... read more

  • Zesty Launch Party
    Come Join us on November 30th at the Variable Action Offices!

    After 2 years of development we are throwing a public bash for Zesty!    Friday, November 30th, 20121045 6th AvenueSan Die... read more