Articles categorized in "Conquests"

  • Bamboo CMS
    a website software for business owners and individuals

    Bamboo was the most packaged and CMS I've created prior to Zesty. It had it's own analytics platform (which eventually lead to it'... read more

  • Kilroy Lives
    Graphic Design 6 final thesis undergraduate project

    Kilroy Lives was about what people write in private. The concept was to collect bathroom graffiti and categorize it. All graf... read more

  • 7lbs2ounces
    Artwork spawned from stories written by friend and war veteran

    7lbs2ounces is a developing project that revolves around stories written by friend and war veteran Ben Tabor. Having been close to... read more

  • Fold
    A 3D typeface

    For an art history class, i put together a 3D typeface and wrote an essay on it. Unfortuntely that essay is not in my records, but... read more