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  • Zombie Daze Hand Drawn Title
    the new titles for the app store Zombie Game

    The new opening title for the once ZombiesFire. Zombie Daze is fun and has two Zs in it's title, which is fitting. Daze is a fun w... read more

  • Game Levels Illustrated for Zombie Daze!
    Hand rendered level concepts for the app store game Zombie Daze

    I'm continuing to hand render the Zombie Daze game, it's a lot of fun. Posted here are a couple level renderings: swamp (which bec... read more

  • The opening screen for Zombie Dayz
    Drawing and Coloring in sketches with prismacolor markers

    Drawing the screens is a blast! I've continues to do so. This particular screen will come when a level is complete. You can see an... read more

  • Zombies Fire == Zombies for Days
    After searching the Apple Store, the name had to change

    When browsing about the apple store about a month ago, I stumbled across a game that was featured called "Burn Zombies Burn". I fe... read more

  • ZombiesFire!
    An iOS game with throw back graphic and simple mechanics

    Sometime in July 2010 I had an urge for another attempt to design and develop a game. ZombiesFire! was the name. The concept start... read more