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  • Users are People Dammit!
    Don't let it blow your mind.

    OMG, I almost didn’t notice, who are these people on these phones?? They are users, or at least they are pretending to be for th... read more

  • Homepage Optimization for Web App Signup and Login
    Reducing friction and copy is top priority for making conversions

    We are trying to gain sign-ups from new visitors The product we are working with is Zesty. It's a bit more challenging because the... read more

  • iOS7 Launch Reaction
    "o no was this a mistake?"

    I came home to Brittini sound asleep grasping an updating iphone 4 plugged into the wall. Sound asleep she is with a death grip on... read more

  • Cracking Garlic
    Therapeutic, and leads to great tasting things

    There is something about cracking a clove of garlic apart, that almost draws me to cook, just for the action of cracking. You snap... read more

  • It's Good to break away from Computers
    Some Thoughts on Energy and Propulsion

    Here is a post outside of my standard realm of art and computers. Here are some fun thoughts to challenge current technologies tha... read more

  • Common Diner Logo
    a pro-bono logo for a friend in new orleans

    Child-hood friend, Ben Tabor, is opening a co-op diner in new orleans called Common Diner. I threw together a logo for the dinner.... read more

  • Scuba Divers Chase Google Maps Van
    right down the street!

    These gentlemen in Norway time the google maps van perfectly and chase it down wearing goofy scuba gear! Since it was published go... read more