• iOS7 Launch Reaction
    "o no was this a mistake?"

    I came home to Brittini sound asleep grasping an updating iphone 4 plugged into the wall. Sound asleep she is with a death grip on... read more

  • Ode to PHP
    Pay homage to a language that is 18 years mature.

    PHP first appeared in 1995. I wrote my first line of PHP in 2003. Today, this blog is delivered to you by layers and layers of PHP... read more

  • Game Levels Illustrated for Zombie Daze!
    Hand rendered level concepts for the app store game Zombie Daze

    I'm continuing to hand render the Zombie Daze game, it's a lot of fun. Posted here are a couple level renderings: swamp (which bec... read more

  • Flying Zesty Logos!!
    A jsfiddle demonstration using mootools and css transitions to animate divs

    A little bit of the mootools arsenal and some css transistion makes for good fun with an animated gif as a background image on ra... read more

  • The opening screen for Zombie Dayz
    Drawing and Coloring in sketches with prismacolor markers

    Drawing the screens is a blast! I've continues to do so. This particular screen will come when a level is complete. You can see an... read more

  • Common Diner Logo
    a pro-bono logo for a friend in new orleans

    Child-hood friend, Ben Tabor, is opening a co-op diner in new orleans called Common Diner. I threw together a logo for the dinner.... read more

  • Zombies Fire == Zombies for Days
    After searching the Apple Store, the name had to change

    When browsing about the apple store about a month ago, I stumbled across a game that was featured called "Burn Zombies Burn". I fe... read more