• Game Levels Illustrated for Zombie Daze!
    Hand rendered level concepts for the app store game Zombie Daze

    I'm continuing to hand render the Zombie Daze game, it's a lot of fun. Posted here are a couple level renderings: swamp (which bec... read more

  • Common Diner Logo
    a pro-bono logo for a friend in new orleans

    Child-hood friend, Ben Tabor, is opening a co-op diner in new orleans called Common Diner. I threw together a logo for the dinner.... read more

  • Kilroy Lives
    Graphic Design 6 final thesis undergraduate project

    Kilroy Lives was about what people write in private. The concept was to collect bathroom graffiti and categorize it. All graf... read more

  • 7lbs2ounces
    Artwork spawned from stories written by friend and war veteran

    7lbs2ounces is a developing project that revolves around stories written by friend and war veteran Ben Tabor. Having been close to... read more

  • Summer in Sicily
    a study abroad program with Artist Tony Miraglia

    Summer in Sicily was a study abroad program run by UMass Dartmouth Professor Tony Miraglia. We lived in Messina off the coast of R... read more