Articles categorized in "Technology"

  • IT: Decouple Marketing Content and Business Information
    Companies that put all their data and information in one system will suffer negative consequences on all sides of business operations, particularly marketing.

    I've seen major fallacies with business information during my career software consulting, which the business operators, even their... read more

  • Social Media/Communication Focus Group with University of San Diego Students
    The group talks about first experiences with a computer to how they currently communicate with them.

    TL;DR: Following the Zesty Incubator program, Professor Justine Rapp PhD lets us host a focus group with Digital Marketing student... read more

  • Ode to PHP
    Pay homage to a language that is 18 years mature.

    PHP first appeared in 1995. I wrote my first line of PHP in 2003. Today, this blog is delivered to you by layers and layers of PHP... read more

  • Instagram Blog Feed made with Zesty
    A tasteful implementation of an Instagram feed using Mootools, CSS, and Zesty

    Dominique Houriet (oo-d-a) is our fellow building designer and friend. We are soon getting the final piece of our bar installed (o... read more

  • Flying Zesty Logos!!
    A jsfiddle demonstration using mootools and css transitions to animate divs

    A little bit of the mootools arsenal and some css transistion makes for good fun with an animated gif as a background image on ra... read more