Bamboo was the most packaged and CMS I've created prior to Zesty. It had it's own analytics platform (which eventually lead to it's demise). The design was nice and clean. It had dynamic graphs using JSON and FLASH.

The original site can be visited here. I keep it for nostalgic purposes.

Bamboo Table Layout
Bamboo Table Layout by

Bamboo Interface: Tabular Data Layout

Bamboo Product Website
Bamboo Product Website by

This was the last iteration of the product site before meeting Andy Fleming and kick starting Zesty. I loved the flat, clean, and concise look. The color palette really worked well and created nice contrast between account elements and information hierarchy.

Bamboo login box
Bamboo login box by

Bamboo Interface: The login box. I loved the orange button against the blue and green.

Bamboo Dashboard
Bamboo Dashboard by

Bamboo Interface: The opening dashboard after logging in

Bamboo Analytics
Bamboo Analytics by

Bamboo Interface: Analytics Dashboard