The Juicy History of Tomatoes: A Brief Look Into Their Delicious Past image

The Juicy History of Tomatoes: A Brief Look Into Their Delicious Past History of Tomatoes Tomatoes have been around for centuries, with their origin dating back to the Aztecs in Central America. The Aztecs used tomatoes as an ingredient in sauces and as a seasoning in their dishes. In the 16th century, Spanish explorers brought tomatoes to Europe, where they quickly became a popular ingredient in Italian cuisine. Tomatoes were also used in Spanish and Portuguese cooking, where they were known as "tomates." Tomato Sauce Tomato sauce is one of the most popular uses of tomatoes today. It is used in many dishes, from pizza to pasta. The first recorded recipe for tom... Read Full Post

Users are People Dammit! image

Users are People Dammit! OMG, I almost didn’t notice, who are these people on these phones?? They are users, or at least they are pretending to be for their photographer. This photo represents seven people (users) who have no freaking clue how to use an interface, or maybe... Read Full Post

Opinions on Beacon Technology and Brand Engagement image

Opinions on Beacon Technology and Brand Engagement Beacons aren't working the way people think they would, or how they are sold to brands. Beacons advertising typically requires custom applications (like reward systems or loyalty programs) installed to connect to the beacon and notify the user, and m... Read Full Post

Reasons to Keep a Business Journal image

Reasons to Keep a Business Journal TL;DR: I'm a computer oriented person, but I've always keep a notebook handy for jotting down ideas or drawings. When I incorporated my first digital consulting business, I started using the notebook to take business notes as well. Now my journal is ... Read Full Post

Always Connected: Generation Z, the

Always Connected: Generation Z, the "Digitarians" After writing an article about Millennials (Gen Y), I couldn't help but get my thoughts down about the next generation. This article covers their age range, why they are different, and what we can start to expect from the new generation. In response ... Read Full Post

97 Years image

97 Years TL;DR: My Great Grandmother, Mildred (George) Brescia lived before cars were common and passed when everyone had a computer in their pocket. She raised a big family out of Seekonk Massachusetts and her life ended at 97 years old with 13 great grand c... Read Full Post

Funding a Startup with a Consulting Business image

Funding a Startup with a Consulting Business Legos were a big part of my childhood. They enabled me to create endless ideas without getting new toys. Software and business are my adult legos. I've always been an entrepreneur, in the early years I used my hobbies to satisfy the itch. Building ... Read Full Post

Public Speaking & Improvising image

Public Speaking & Improvising A lot went wrong before we sat down on those orange stools and delivered our speech and product to the crowd. To start, the demographic of the crowd was not known, particularly because our speech was mis-titled on the event handout. Second,... Read Full Post

iOS7 Launch Reaction image

iOS7 Launch Reaction I came home to Brittini sound asleep grasping an updating iphone 4 plugged into the wall. Sound asleep she is with a death grip on her phone. I wake her and say its ok, she says "whats happening to my phone?" "I need to set my alarm" (she has to work... Read Full Post

Ode to PHP image

Ode to PHP PHP first appeared in 1995. I wrote my first line of PHP in 2003. Today, this blog is delivered to you by layers and layers of PHP doing amazing things between the lines. PHP is not going anywhereFace it, PHP is one of the post 90's web oldest langua... Read Full Post

Screen Printing Class image

Screen Printing Class Thinking about screen printing class helps me get through daily operational problem solving. Whether it is using a limited color palette, or writing a method or class, thinking about these items in two to three planes forces me to abstract them simpl... Read Full Post

Cracking Garlic image

Cracking Garlic There is something about cracking a clove of garlic apart, that almost draws me to cook, just for the action of cracking. You snap of single pieces of the clove, press down on the clove with a flat blade, chop the tip off, then peel back the paper. A... Read Full Post

It's Good to break away from Computers image

It's Good to break away from Computers Here is a post outside of my standard realm of art and computers. Here are some fun thoughts to challenge current technologies that have been spinning in my head. PropulsionUsing gasoline to cause controlled explosions to propel vehicles feels rudime... Read Full Post

We are Architects image

We are Architects Today we are ever surrounded by digital interfaces. Digital interfaces are relativity new, and as a society we have yet to create standards to build them, let alone teach others to build them. Creating an interface is very much like a construction pr... Read Full Post

Zombie Daze Hand Drawn Title image

Zombie Daze Hand Drawn Title The new opening title for the once ZombiesFire. Zombie Daze is fun and has two Zs in it's title, which is fitting. Daze is a fun word to play with! Title was drawn and rendered in a ER waiting room, so it is very fitting. I felt like the hospital was... Read Full Post

Instagram Blog Feed made with Zesty image

Instagram Blog Feed made with Zesty Dominique Houriet (oo-d-a) is our fellow building designer and friend. We are soon getting the final piece of our bar installed (oo-d-a calls it Bar Zesty). When Dominique adds beauty to Bar Zesty we like to do the same to his design website, this ti... Read Full Post

Game Levels Illustrated for Zombie Daze!  image

Game Levels Illustrated for Zombie Daze! I'm continuing to hand render the Zombie Daze game, it's a lot of fun. Posted here are a couple level renderings: swamp (which became rocky field), football field, forest, suburbs, and graveyard. Each is roughly sketched with pencil, then filled in w... Read Full Post

Flying Zesty Logos!! image

Flying Zesty Logos!! A little bit of the mootools arsenal and some css transistion makes for good fun with an animated gif as a background image on random spawning divs!... Read Full Post

The opening screen for Zombie Dayz image

The opening screen for Zombie Dayz Drawing the screens is a blast! I've continues to do so. This particular screen will come when a level is complete. You can see an area for stats, coins, days, a tweet button etc.  In the center of the sign will be a short journal entry about th... Read Full Post

Common Diner Logo image

Common Diner Logo Child-hood friend, Ben Tabor, is opening a co-op diner in new orleans called Common Diner. I threw together a logo for the dinner. Looks like the logo might not fly, but its a good one to post anyhow.... Read Full Post

Zombies Fire == Zombies for Days image

Zombies Fire == Zombies for Days When browsing about the apple store about a month ago, I stumbled across a game that was featured called "Burn Zombies Burn". I felt that the name was too close to Zombies Burn, so i elected to stop working on the game for a while. Then the name Zomb... Read Full Post

Scuba Divers Chase Google Maps Van  image

Scuba Divers Chase Google Maps Van These gentlemen in Norway time the google maps van perfectly and chase it down wearing goofy scuba gear! Since it was published google had blanked out the men chasing the van in scuba gear. Check is out here before it updates... Read Full Post

ZombiesFire! image

ZombiesFire! Sometime in July 2010 I had an urge for another attempt to design and develop a game. ZombiesFire! was the name. The concept started on a Plane ride home and came to fruition after 15 or so sketches in the moleskin. I wanted to design simple throwbac... Read Full Post

Logos designed in 2009 image

Logos designed in 2009 I had moved out to california end of summer in 2008, up until mid 2009 there wasn't much to document. Joey Nees had joined me end of 2009, many of the logos are a combo of our ideas with his final execution and me making changes to appease the client... Read Full Post

Business and Design in 2010 image

Business and Design in 2010 5%!o(MISSING)f something is better than 100%!o(MISSING)f nothing. 2010 was a long, awesome, and crazy year. In the beginning of the year I had Joseph Nees still working with me in the new Jetscram office on 320 W Ash. Joe moved home in Q2, then lande... Read Full Post

Zesty Launch Party image

Zesty Launch Party After 2 years of development we are throwing a public bash for Zesty!    Friday, November 30th, 20121045 6th AvenueSan Diego, CA 92101   Expect drink and good times! ... Read Full Post

Bamboo CMS image

Bamboo CMS Bamboo was the most packaged and CMS I've created prior to Zesty. It had it's own analytics platform (which eventually lead to it's demise). The design was nice and clean. It had dynamic graphs using JSON and FLASH. The original site can be visited ... Read Full Post

Kilroy Lives image

Kilroy Lives Kilroy Lives was about what people write in private. The concept was to collect bathroom graffiti and categorize it. All graffiti is to be categorized and tallied by location/city/state. This was one of my first opportunities to deal w... Read Full Post

Fall Semester 2007 image

Fall Semester 2007 Fall 2007 upon my return from Sicily I felt like a new person. I was fortunate enough to swap out some mandatory design and drawing classes with a screen printing class and painting class with Professor Tony Miraglia, whom I traveled to Sicily with. ... Read Full Post

7lbs2ounces image

7lbs2ounces 7lbs2ounces is a developing project that revolves around stories written by friend and war veteran Ben Tabor. Having been close to Tabor since elementary school, his stories were tough to bare; my goal is to share them with others. Sources provided b... Read Full Post

Summer in Sicily image

Summer in Sicily Summer in Sicily was a study abroad program run by UMass Dartmouth Professor Tony Miraglia. We lived in Messina off the coast of Reggio Calabria. The experience was invaluable. Tony was forcing much needed color into my work. Mixed media art is liber... Read Full Post

Fold image

Fold For an art history class, i put together a 3D typeface and wrote an essay on it. Unfortuntely that essay is not in my records, but i still have some nice images from the Unfortunately.... Read Full Post

Fall Semester 2006 image

Fall Semester 2006 At the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Professor Laura Franz taught Typography I. Janine Wong taught Typography III. Yoon Soo Lee taught Graphic Design III. Being a mid-year transfer student from UMass Boston, I had to take Typography II and Gr... Read Full Post

Spring Semester 2006 image

Spring Semester 2006 Spring 2006 Marks the first semester at UMASSD as a visual design/letterform student. Prior to the transfer, I started my College Level education at Northeastern University studying Computer Science (which I presumed was coding video games) and then ... Read Full Post