Beacons aren't working the way people think they would, or how they are sold to brands. Beacons advertising typically requires custom applications (like reward systems or loyalty programs) installed to connect to the beacon and notify the user, and most users do not want these notifications. The best way to engage users is through building a great content network and engaging them through the many social media platforms. Users or Customers can buy your products on amazon, eBay, or direct. Its important to remember that people want to engage with brands, not shopping carts or mobile applications. 

Brand engagement starts cool stories in and around your customers, and how they interact with your brand. Making sure those stories reach your customers omni-channel development, integration and deployment is one of the greatest opportunities for competitive differentiation across global retail brands. The ability to quickly design, develop and deploy new content and digital brand experiences in real-time for increasingly demanding retail shoppers is crucial to website stickiness, repeat visits, and customer loyalty across all channels — web, mobile, IoT devices, social media and in-store. Supported by some of the most influential market analyst firms, the answer is cloud-based, web content management system (WCMS) technology. Marketers gain the freedom of responding to market conditions and buying trends, while IT retains control over operations, policy and compliance.