Sometime in July 2010 I had an urge for another attempt to design and develop a game. ZombiesFire! was the name. The concept started on a Plane ride home and came to fruition after 15 or so sketches in the moleskin.

I wanted to design simple throwback graphics with comic book like cut scenes. The ideas was that after fending off a barrage of zombies, you were rewarded with a tasteful comic scene, and then right back into the shit with zombies. Very similar to the way pac-man had mini cut scenes of the ghosts getting owned by the pie like pac-man. Though these scenes were simply stupid, they were very rewarding. 

I got to busy with projects and paying the bills so ZombiesFire! took a backseat. It wasn't ready for the AppStore, but I'd like to retackle it again someday. One of these plane rides home.