Here is a sampling of the logo/icon work I created in 2011

Yelping Bad Logo
Yelping Bad Logo by

Yelping Bad was a domain I purchased for Brittini as a birthday gift. She was a bit obsessed with Yelp! at the time; the idea was to out all the people who promote their personal lives blatantly in Yelp! reviews, rather then reviewing. The site never came to fruition, but the logo remains as one of my favorite pieces: an upset plate holding a fork and knife belligerently

Action Seat Logo
Action Seat Logo by

Action Seat was a poker room reserve application we were developing at Variable Action for a client. The base is Gotham Bold, with a faked serif A to match the way an Ace of Spade appears. The logo is in red and black to make the simple color pallet of playing cards.