TL;DR: My Great Grandmother, Mildred (George) Brescia lived before cars were common and passed when everyone had a computer in their pocket. She raised a big family out of Seekonk Massachusetts and her life ended at 97 years old with 13 great grand children (myself included). This is a short story about her life and the legacy she passed on.

The Brescia/Hawksley Family

The photo above was taken as a surprise birthday gift for Mildred; it captures the style of east coasters in the early 90s like no other. It is also unique as it has all of Mildred's children present in the photo. Here describes each member with name, title, occupation, and location. 

Top row from left:

  • Robert Putney: Husband to Beverly, Career Oil Burner Plumber, Retired, Seekonk Massachusetts.
  • Beverly (Brescia) Putney: Career Waitress, Retired, Seekonk Massachusetts.
  • Patricia  Brescia: Widow to Steve II, Mother, New Bedford Massachusetts.
  • Steve II Brescia: Hardware Factory Operator, Deceased, New Bedford Massachusetts.
  • Paul Brescia: Drill Operator, Retired, Rehobeth Massachusetts. 
  • Linda (Morse) Brescia: Wife to Paul, Mother/School Department, Rehobeth Massachusetts.
  • Chris Phillips: Past Husband to Judy, Drill Operator, Rehobeth Massachusetts.
  • Judy (Brescia) Phillips: Mother/Hair Dresser, Rehobeth Massachusetts.
  • Jane (Brescia) Trainor: Entrepreneur/Aerobics Teacher, Ft. Lauderdale by the Sea Florida.
  • Raymond Trainor: Career Civics (Power Grid) Manager, Retired, Ft. Lauderdale by the Sea Florida.

Middle row from left:

  • Robert Apuzzo: Husband to Kim, Career Regional Sales Manager, Seekonk Massachusetts.
  • Steve III (Stevie) Brescia: Son to Steve II. Career Hospitality Manager, New Bedford Massachusetts.
  • Robert II (Bobby) Putney: Son to Beverly, Career Civics (Power Grid) Substation/Utilities, Seekonk Massachusetts.
  • Kristen (Buker) Putney: Wife to Bobby, Entrepreneur/Artist, Seekonk Massachusetts.
  • Sherry (Brescia) Allen: Daughter of Paul, Optometrist Assistant, Seekonk Massachusetts.
  • Lisa (Phillips) Rossignol: Daughter of Judy, Entrepreneur/Wedding Designs, Seekonk Massachusetts. 

Bottom row from left:

  • Kim (Putney) Apuzzo: Daughter of Beverly, Wife to Robert, Career Teacher, Seekonk Massachusetts
  • Courtney (Apuzzo) Nardozza: Daughter to Kim, Human Resources in Startups, Seekonk Massachusetts
  • Randy Apuzzo: Son to Kim, Entrepreneur/Internet Technology, San Diego California.
  • Paul (PJ) Brescia: Son to Paul, Entrepreneur/Contracting, Florida.
  • Chris || (Chrissy) Philips: Son to Judy, Entrepreneur/Contracting, South Carolina.