Kilroy Lives was about what people write in private. The concept was to collect bathroom graffiti and categorize it. All graffiti is to be categorized and tallied by location/city/state.

This was one of my first opportunities to deal with mass amounts of data, and organize it. The move was to create a community database open to the public. The database can now generate up-to-date conclusions, tally percentages, and habits. 

In terms of popularity, the graffiti artists that painted on walls did not like the concept. Clearly they did not want anything incriminating of theirs to be posted on the internet. The bathroom art concept can still be real, but I do not see any revenue model for it, just fun and jokes. Still going strong Kilroy will live forever.

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Photos of the Kilroy Process

Process book spine
Process book spine by

The spine and build. I wanted the book to feel like a graffiti ridden stall.

Process book inside
Process book inside by

Notice how the pages spread are crazy and erractic. I had a lot of fun with this one compared to the very typographic heavy books done in the past.

Process book grid
Process book grid by

Another taste of the grid peaking through. I know to use larger margins now.

Justin sherlock with the kil box
Justin sherlock with the kil box by

Big shout out to Justin Sherlock, on the floor jamming on the Kil box. A linux unbuntu blade, donated from verisign, which was mounted to counter weight the urinal.

Laura Franz! One the best comments on someones graffiti
Laura Franz! One the best comments on someones graffiti "Times New Roman" by

Laura Franz! One the best comments on someones graffiti "Times New Roman". The funny thing, as a student of Professor Franz I set a my final process book in Times New Roman (just to drive her nuts). Laura has some great things going for online typography, she runs, which combats the use of default Times New Roman!

Kilroy Lives Logo
Kilroy Lives Logo by

The kilroy lives logo. Kilroy is written in a conventional sans-serif typeface (Univers 67 Bold Condensed) and Lives is hand painted with India Ink and a Sumi brush. The orange waves represent the RSS symbol, to connect Kilroy with the internet.

Randy Apuzzo at Narrows Center of Arts
Randy Apuzzo at Narrows Center of Arts by

Picture taken by a fellow student, you can see the t-shirt (which were handed out) and the installation around me with lots of writing already present.

Kilroy 3D Mockup
Kilroy 3D Mockup by

This mockup was made with a gluestick, 110lb printer paper, and an exacto. The orginal concept was to have pedastals that represented a life size bar graph. The final installation had t-shirts on a clothes line above the toilet across the stalls. The computer stayed in the wall, but had a urinal installed to hold the keyboard. This way people would be standing at a urinal to use the website. The life size graph didn't make the cut. Website Website by

The website was the core component to the project. Its complexity consumed most of my time on the project. The website build isn't documented as well as the physical aspects, but can be seen live

Kilroy Screen Printing
Kilroy Screen Printing by

The screen and polys of the kilroy t-shirts prior to being burned

Kilroy Lives T-shirts
Kilroy Lives T-shirts by

The final t-shirts came out great! It is hard to notice from an iphone picture, but Kilroy is in black, and lives is in Navy. The t-shirts were given out the night of the opening. They're orginals and will never be printed again.

The Kilroy installation
The Kilroy installation by

Here is the sheetrock build. I spent about $100 on materials. Constucted it to be a five peice modular setup, so it could be broken down and installed live in the gallery. You can see the urinal holding up the keyboard, it was lent by a plumber in souther Rhode Island. The toilet came from the American Legion. Cheers to my grandfather on the can who helped me along the way.

Hand rendering type
Hand rendering type by

Hand painting the type at 1 in the morning.

Installation Painted and ready
Installation Painted and ready by

The next day it was ready, I had lost my mind working on it all night. Next step was to dis assemble it, put it in a truck and isntall it on stop at the Narrows Center for the Arts. The plan is to have markers all over the place to people can participate and graffiti all parts.

Installation was a success
Installation was a success by

The gallery opening was a huge success. Within an hour the installment was covered with foot traffic and was loaded with fresh content from people of all ages.

People at the installation
People at the installation by

The installment attracted steady attention throughout the night of the opening. All I had was my iPhone, I'll know better to have a gallery opening without a camera! Look it's Kim Fox second from the right!

Justin Sherlock at the installation
Justin Sherlock at the installation by

The day of the show, there was no internet to be had!!! So the site could only be viewed locally. I had set a screensaver of 200+ photos of documented graffiti when people weren't using the site. Here is Justin, taking a leak! The stickers givin out where in the urinal, so you have to put your hand in the urinal to get free stickers!

User generated content
User generated content by

User generated content. Shout out to Nick Carrie with the Duckey Nugget!

More user generated content
More user generated content by

More user generated content. These shots were taken the next morning before breaking it all down.

Graffiti on the toilet
Graffiti on the toilet by

Even the toilet got lit up! STOP WAR next to STOP WACKING OFF on the toilet cracks me up.

Randy Apuzzo Kilroy Installation
Randy Apuzzo Kilroy Installation by

The full installation after being assualted by graffiti mayhem!

Kilroy Lives sticker
Kilroy Lives sticker by

The infamous guerilla marketing Kilroy Lives sticker in Jakes Bar in Providence

Kilroy lives process book
Kilroy lives process book by

The cover to the process book. It was bound by kilroylives stickers and put together with scrap material from the t-shirt screen printing. Notice with the sleeve it reads "I just started writing lives"

Full shot of process book
Full shot of process book by

Sleeve of "I just started writing and it was done" It's how I felt about the process book. It was my last project as a student, it felt good at the time, but I'd love to go back :)

Process book back
Process book back by

The backside. I loved this composition as art, at this point I was doing whatever I wanted. Bringhurst was buried by the hype.