Spring 2006 Marks the first semester at UMASSD as a visual design/letterform student. Prior to the transfer, I started my College Level education at Northeastern University studying Computer Science (which I presumed was coding video games) and then transferred out to UMASS Boston to studying Computer science and History.

Colleen Comerford Ellis was a teaching Typography II, my first experience of the mysterious world Typography. It was a struggle in the beginning. The first crit we had my work got roasted. I was using webdings and arial at 18pt with no grid in photoshop. Colleen's main teaching tool was Robert Bringhurst's The Elements of Typographic Style, it was brutal to learn from. To this day, Bringhurst's book is never a few feet from my working computer. Classmate Joey Nees came into my life at this point, he was a 4th year transfer like myself, we started hanging and feeding off another. Joey worked with Jetscram the last two quarters of 2009. He moved back to Alabama and started working with Somerset the 2nd quarter of 2010.

Graphic Design II was taught by David Chapman. GDII was more of a struggle, being that I was 2 semesters behind the other Visual Design students. We focused on a book and poster project. The poster was featured in the University's Alumi Magazine "Darts".