When browsing about the apple store about a month ago, I stumbled across a game that was featured called "Burn Zombies Burn". I felt that the name was too close to Zombies Burn, so i elected to stop working on the game for a while. Then the name Zombie Days came to mind, I ran it past a few people and they insisted Zombie DayZ or Zombie Daze. Jason Spangler said, why not Zombies for Days, that's funny, so Zombies for Days it is.

The images below are a progression of the a homescreen sketch created for the game opener. I used primsa color markers, the same markers I used in school to draw graffiti in books. It was a blast to throw back, escape from the computer and make a color concept. I was only working with 8 colors, so I had to be creative there.

On the home screen I want to have the eye animated looking around, the cloud shifting left to right, and the hand wiggling. When you hit start (not sure where that will be, maybe in the black) the hand will reach up and grab the eyeball.