PHP first appeared in 1995. I wrote my first line of PHP in 2003. Today, this blog is delivered to you by layers and layers of PHP doing amazing things between the lines.

PHP is not going anywhere

Face it, PHP is one of the post 90's web oldest languages, and it keeps getting better. Every new release of PHP pushes the language to a more be unified, powerful, and traditional while still maintaining its loose expressiveness. With PHP, you can just try things that do not make sense, and sense will be made of it.... foreach ($array as list($a, $b)) thank you 5.5 release.

A language for creatives

PHP is a great learning language for beginners with ADHD that just want to build. It's nothing like the guitar lesson where you are being taught Ode to Joy but you want to start playing riffs of Metallica. PHP will get you there like guitar tabs in TXT files and a forgiving electric guitar.

It got me there.

I love the language. I built my whole tech career on the back of PHP (and MySQL) and I'm proud to say it. It gets the job done and its still rockin' hard.

Thank you to all the developers putting hard work into maintaining PHP while keeping it free and open.

An Old Hack