Drawing the screens is a blast! I've continues to do so. This particular screen will come when a level is complete. You can see an area for stats, coins, days, a tweet button etc. 

In the center of the sign will be a short journal entry about the progression of the play like "day 22: caught a zombie chewing bubble gums the other day". Along with that is the option to tweet that.

Sketch of the Opening Screen
Sketch of the Opening Screen by

Forgot to take a picture when it was only a pencil sketch. You can still see some of the original lines.

Opening Screen Full Markered
Opening Screen Full Markered by

Almost all colored in here

Final Markered Opening Screen
Final Markered Opening Screen by

Final touches of black outline. Making buttons freehand without rulers and such proves difficult, but the general idea is nailed and will translate to vector well.