I came home to Brittini sound asleep grasping an updating iphone 4 plugged into the wall. Sound asleep she is with a death grip on her phone. I wake her and say its ok, she says "whats happening to my phone?" "I need to set my alarm" (she has to work at 6am the next day). She falls back asleep, 30 minutes later it buzzes like crazy, iOS7 finshed installing. It wakes her up from a dead sleep.

"Why did they change it so much"

It's ok baby.

"that looks cool" (when she looks at the weather app)

she jumps into settings to turn the brightness down, and goes to update her home screen background.

Do you like that? "Mmmmm" as she puts full screen face of our dog as the background

"These come up different huh" in reference to opening an application

She uses it quickly, not much issue.

"o no was this a mistake?", thinking she could have avoided the update

Do you miss your old phone? "i dunno i kinda do but i dont know, i mean some of thse are super ugly (application icons) "

"i dont like the goudiness of it, but i actually think these are easier with her in the background to read... and if it helps my battery"