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  • The Juicy History of Tomatoes: A Brief Look Into Their Delicious Past
    Surprising Facts About Tomatoes: Nature's Sweet & Savory Treat!

    History of Tomatoes Tomatoes have been around for centuries, with their origin dating back to the Aztecs in Central America. The Aztecs used tomatoes as an ingredient in sauces and as a seasoning in their dishes. In the ... read more

  • AI Robots and the Tomato: A Historical Tale of Technological Advancement
    The Fascinating History of AI Robots and Tomato Farming: A Retrospective Look

    The Beginnings of AI Robots and Tomato Farming AI robots and tomato farming have come a long way since their inception. The first recorded use of AI robots in agriculture dates back to the 1940s, when scientists at the U... read more

  • Embeddables: A Strategy to Drive Growth through Content

    Information spread through print and television were the primary marketing channels to grow ventures from business to religion up until the internet became mainstream in the late 1990s. Since the internet, new and clever... read more

  • Users are People Dammit!
    Don't let it blow your mind.

    OMG, I almost didn’t notice, who are these people on these phones?? They are users, or at least they are pretending to be for their photographer. This photo represents seven people (users) who have no freaking clue how... read more

  • Opinions on Beacon Technology and Brand Engagement
    Omni-channel marketing > any technology

    Beacons aren't working the way people think they would, or how they are sold to brands. Beacons advertising typically requires custom applications (like reward systems or loyalty programs) installed to connect to the bea... read more

  • The Emergence of Marketing Technology and its effect on Digital Agencies
    There is less need for traditional IT and implementation labor by digital agencies.

    Marketing technology is growing and improving rapidly. These new technologies are disrupting traditional marketing services by reducing labor once required for IT management, implementation, and reporting.... read more

  • Reasons to Keep a Business Journal
    Why keeping a Journal when running a business has been helpful, here are some tips and tricks for keeping your own.

    TL;DR: I'm a computer oriented person, but I've always keep a notebook handy for jotting down ideas or drawings. When I incorporated my first digital consulting business, I started using the notebook to take business not... read more

  • Always Connected: Generation Z, the "Digitarians"
    The Millennials (Gen Y) grew up with keyboards, but digitarians (Gen Z) grew up with touch screens and wifi.

    After writing an article about Millennials (Gen Y), I couldn't help but get my thoughts down about the next generation. This article covers their age range, why they are different, and what we can start to expect from th... read more

  • Transparency: what the millennial generation expects.
    The Millennial Generation (born between 1980-2000) are starting to make decisions that effect our economy, let's talk about it.

    This article covers how and why millennials differ from other generations when it comes sales/marketing and business management. It comes to the conclusion that transparency is key, millennials have a no bullshit attitud... read more

  • What is "The Cloud"? A brief explanation and history of cloud computing.
    Cloud is a term we hear everyday, so let's talk about what it is and why it rocks!

    The Cloud is simply a metaphor that represents:Any data or services not stored or processed locally on a personal computer or server.You can see why the terminology is confusing because this literally means everything yo... read more

  • IT: Decouple Marketing Content and Business Information
    Companies that put all their data and information in one system will suffer negative consequences on all sides of business operations, particularly marketing.

    I've seen major fallacies with business information during my career software consulting, which the business operators, even their "IT", is oblivious to. It's common that a business decides to host non-public information... read more

  • 97 Years
    My Great Grandmother Passed Away on May 7th, 2014, she was 97 years old

    TL;DR: My Great Grandmother, Mildred (George) Brescia lived before cars were common and passed when everyone had a computer in their pocket. She raised a big family out of Seekonk Massachusetts and her life ended at 97 y... read more

  • Funding a Startup with a Consulting Business
    TL;DR: An overview about my experience funding a SaaS project with income from a digital consultancy. The positives and negatives of self funding verse investors.

    Legos were a big part of my childhood. They enabled me to create endless ideas without getting new toys. Software and business are my adult legos. I've always been an entrepreneur, in the early years I used my hobbies ... read more

  • Social Media/Communication Focus Group with University of San Diego Students
    The group talks about first experiences with a computer to how they currently communicate with them.

    TL;DR: Following the Zesty Incubator program, Professor Justine Rapp PhD lets us host a focus group with Digital Marketing students. We discuss an array of topics from early experience with computers to communication and... read more

  • Lean Brand Session 5: Discovery Towards Minimum Viable Brand
    One must let go of function and start letting the emotion come in to understand your brand

    Welcome to the fifth article of from the Lean Brand Methodology series. Read about the session prior here: Final Personas and Working Hypothesis Personal Statements & Brand Hunting Our fifth session started off with... read more

  • Lean Brand Session 4: Final Personas and Working Hypothesis
    Jeremiah Gardner has the team act out each persona and prepares us to test our findings in the wild

    Say hello to the fourth article of from the Lean Brand Methodology series. Read about the session prior here: The Emotional of Personas. Getting to know your Personas How do you get your team to know the ... read more

  • Lean Brand Session 3: The Emotional Side of Personas
    Jeremiah Gardner gets us to understand personas like never before

    You want to understand your market as real living, breathing, feeling people. Not as targets, demographics or data. Targets, demographics, and data won't buy your product...people will.—Jeremiah Gardner An emotio... read more

  • Disruptive Thinkers: Product Launch and Go to Market Strategies
    Doug Hecht and Sarah Kotlova, from Digitaria, give a great presentation on product/brand marketing

    Doug Hecht and Sarah Kotlova, from Digitaria, spoke at a Disruptive Thinkers event. After a presentation the group of viewers split into two, and each group had time to interview Sarah and Doug. Sarah shared some ye... read more

  • The Lean Brand Session 2: Personas and Competition
    Jeremiah Gardner takes us into a fictional world of competition and personas

    You're reading the second article of from the Lean Brand Methodology series. Read about the session prior here: Branding a product with the Lean Brand Methodology. Summing up the Competition Prior to this sess... read more

  • Homepage Optimization for Web App Signup and Login
    Reducing friction and copy is top priority for making conversions

    We are trying to gain sign-ups from new visitors The product we are working with is Zesty. It's a bit more challenging because there are currently two ways into Zesty. One path leads the visitor to have a developer ... read more